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When pets suffer from allergies

Temperatures are rising, we’re blinking at the first sunrays reaching us and something else is making a come-back: Itchy eyes, runny noses and Buddy is also acting differently from his usual self.

Every year, from February to September, people suffer from allergies that are caused by pollens. However, it is estimated that every seventh dog is already suffering from allergies as well. Those are not caused solely by pollens, because your dog’s food or the detergent you used to wash his bed might act as an irritant for his skin as well. ...more »

Hundewaschanlage in Willsbach

The first dog-washing system "Made in Germany" is located in Obersulm-Willsbach

Since Saturday the 12th of May, the town of Obersulm-Willsbach has a new attraction: A self-serve dog-washing system made in Germany. The company DARADO from Ingersheim developed and constructed as the first German company such a washing system for dogs. A few dog owners have previously seen such dog-washing cabins in Italy, Switzerland or Spain next to ordinary car washes. "At our WAP car wash (Waschbär) you can from now on not only clean your car but your dog as well", says owner Wilhelm Kuntz proudly about his new attraction. Vera Moor and executive partner Georg Moor are happy to see their dog-washing centre operate for the first time in real circumstances. ...more »

Picture Test of Dog Wash

Dirty dogs wanted:
Grand opening of the first self-serve dog-washing centre by the DARADO Company at the WAP car wash (Waschbär) in Obersulm

Obersulm. On Saturday the 12th of May, 2012, dog owners can wash and their pets for free from 10am to 4pm, at the modern and new self-serve dog-washing centre. The first dog-washing cabin is opened at the self-serve car wash WAP (Waschbär) in Obersulm, Heilbronn district. Wilhelm Kuntz is the operator of the dog-washing centre and convinced of its concept. The washing and drying of the dogs can be done comfortably beside the car wash, Mr. Kuntz says. The blue dog-washing centre was developed by the DARADO GmbH, which is located in Ingersheim. It is the first device of its kind in Germany and the dog owners in Obersulm are the first that are allowed to use it. ...more »

Darado.de in a new design

www.DARADO.de in a new design

The web presence of www.DARADO.de was launched in April with a new design. The already known blue area for business customers was adjusted and a green area for dog owners has been added. The idea of the new design was to differentiate the main ideas:

         - Product description Dogwash
         - Useful informations about Dog care

An intuitive operation and easy navigation had the highest priorities during the design of the new website. The many pictures and videos of the web presence by DARADO GmbH offer an informative and entertaining experience.
The team of DARADO is happy to welcome customers and dog owners on the website www.DARADO.com


Picture Dogwash new development

An own dog-wash for neighbour's Laddie

DARADO: Dog wash in testing: The first customers inspect the new dog-washing centre for the dog care in self-service.
Paw prints on the carpet and chaotic bathrooms are now officially a thing of the past. As soon as the DARADO self-serve dog-washing system establishes itself on the European market, the weekends will belong not only to the visit of the car wash but also that of the dog wash. The prototype has been successfully tested now with dogs of all sizes and breeds. ...more »