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Dirty dogs wanted:
Grand opening of the first self-serve dog-washing centre by the DARADO Company at the WAP car wash (Waschbär) in Obersulm

Obersulm. On Saturday the 12th of May, 2012, dog owners can wash and their pets for free from 10am to 4pm, at the modern and new self-serve dog-washing centre. The first dog-washing cabin is opened at the self-serve car wash WAP (Waschbär) in Obersulm, Heilbronn district. Wilhelm Kuntz is the operator of the dog-washing centre and convinced of its concept. The washing and drying of the dogs can be done comfortably beside the car wash, Mr. Kuntz says. The blue dog-washing centre was developed by the DARADO GmbH, which is located in Ingersheim. It is the first device of its kind in Germany and the dog owners in Obersulm are the first that are allowed to use it.
"Dirty dogs are welcome!", says Wilhelm Kuntz, owner of the WAP self-serve car wash in Obersulm. On the following Saturday his main priority is in getting local dog owners to know how the idea of the self-serve dog-wash works and to try the device out for themselves. Georg Moor, executive partner of the DARADO GmbH, is also looking forward to seeing his invention work in real conditions.

The nuisance of cleaning the bathroom after every dog wash is now a thing of the past. Dogs of all sizes can be washed comfortably in the dog-washing cabin. Especially the steadfast ramp and the slip-proof wash tub are designed to be ergonomically beneficial. Whoever will test the device is going to be convinced by the high quality construction and its ease to use. For the washing and drying there are three buttons available: Water, Water and Shampoo and Drying. From the quick paw wash to the complete washing and drying of the coat everything is possible in this device.

Market niche in Germany

With the self-serve dog-washing system Moor and his team enter an unexplored market segment in Germany. As of now the Germans wash their dogs in the garden or in the domestic bathtub - with the common side effects, such as pain in the spine and knees or soaking wet clothes. "In the USA and Italy such devices have been proven successful", explains Moor. The diplom engineer does not simply want to open the market for his product; he also wanted to invent a self-serve dog-washing cabin that conforms to the high standards of German quality and safety.

In future all dog lovers in Obersulm can look forward to the news of the dog-washing system, since here they can already care for their dog with a starting price of one Euro.

Opening of the "Self-Serve Dog-Washing system"

Saturday, 12th May, 2012
Self-serve car wash WAP, Waschbär
Senefelderstr. 6-7, 74182 Obersulm

Opening offer:
Free dog wash from 10am to 4pm