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Dog wash in Willsbach

The first dog-washing system "Made in Germany" is located in Obersulm-Willsbach

Since Saturday the 12th of May, the town of Obersulm-Willsbach has a new attraction: A self-serve dog-washing system made in Germany. The company DARADO from Ingersheim developed and constructed as the first German company such a washing system for dogs. A few dog owners have previously seen such dog-washing cabins in Italy, Switzerland or Spain next to ordinary car washes. "At our WAP car wash (Waschbär) you can from now on not only clean your car but your dog as well", says owner Wilhelm Kuntz proudly about his new attraction. Vera Moor and executive partner Georg Moor are happy to see their dog-washing centre operate for the first time in real circumstances.

A lot of dog owners followed the call. The free self-serve dog-washing centre attracted at 10 am, despite the wet weather, a lot of dog owners with their small and large pets. Everyone could try the "self-serve dog-washing centre" for themselves. The three colleagues from the local TV station SWR have been present and very active as the first dogs climbed the ramp to be comfortably washed and dried on eye level with their owners. The dogs enjoyed the cleaning procedure and kept quiet and calm. The nuisance of cleaning the bathroom at home is now a thing of the past. For the grooming there are three programmes available: Water, Shampoo and Drying. The device offers full comfort from a simple paw wash to a full body wash for the dogs. The prices are starting at just one Euro.

The mood during and after the dog wash was very positive and many dog owners took the time to fill out a few polls. The evaluation of these polls showed that on this day 27 small and large dogs of all breeds have been washed in the dog-washing system. The ergonomics of the washing cabin and the idea of a self-serve wash for the dog's fur were received positively by all dog owners. Many noted that they would use this service much more often.

Picture gallery of the dog-washing system in Willsbach