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An own dog-wash for neighbour's Laddie

DARADO: Dog wash in testing: The first customers inspect the new dog-washing centre for the dog care in self-service.
Paw prints on the carpet and chaotic bathrooms are now officially a thing of the past. As soon as the DARADO self-serve dog-washing system establishes itself on the European market, the weekends will belong not only to the visit of the car wash but also that of the dog wash. The prototype has been successfully tested now with dogs of all sizes and breeds.
Felix looks sceptically. Whether it is because of the unfamiliar surroundings or the many spectators is hard to tell. The small dog is among the first to test the newly developed dog-washing system by DARADO. Freshly dried he leaves the washing cabin over the slip-proof ramp.

Made of stainless steel and covered with a shiny bright blue powder-layer, the prototype is standing in the factory hall. In an ergonomic height is the shower tub, so that dog owners can bathe their pets without having to kneel down or make a mess in their domestic bathrooms. There is a choice provided between warm water with and without dog shampoo, organic of course. After the successful dog wash the hair dryer is easily to be reaches as well. A chain of stainless steel that is attached to the washing cabin and to the dog's collar makes sure that sloppy dogs don't try to escape the washing cabin and injure themselves.

The next testing volunteer, Cosimo, enters the washing tub with a proudly raise head. He is a size larger than his predecessor Felix. Cosimo's long fur is often stained with mud or dust after walks, explains his owner Melanie Michel. On top of that he is also scared of the bath tub at home. However there are no problems with the dog-washing system. A wet dog is always a poor sight but after 20 minutes of dog grooming we could find a dry and happy Cosimo back on the floor in front of the washing-cabin. Mrs. Michel also has a piece of advice for the developers of the dog-washing system - which want to sell their device to car washes, petrol stations, hardware stores and the operators of dog salons - the shower- head should be attached a little bit lower so it could be reached more easily.

The dog-washing system runs as long as more coins are added. The full wash is considerably cheaper compared to a professional dog salon. With little time one can simply wash and dry their pet's paws as well.

With the results of today's test-run the reactions of the dogs and their owners towards the dog-washing system should be tested. The human "test-subjects" were also given the choice to fill a poll about their experience with the dog-washing system out and to give some advice to improve the device. The executive partner of DARADO, Georg Moor also spotted a few points that should be improved: The drying hose should be a little shortened and the running time for each Euro should be extended. Other than that he is content, the dogs with their owners too.

As of now a dog queue has formed and everyone is waiting patiently for their turn. A good idea, notes Michael Schäfer, the owner of Labrador Jack. He would be very happy about a public dog-washing system close to his home. The operation of a dog-washing system is worth it. the dog-washing system is basically maintenance free and amortises quickly. Only the sieve for dirt and dog hair has to be cleaned regularly and the shampoo container needs to be refilled from time to time. Of course the cash box in the safe has to be emptied too.